Teva Bendega

If someone had told Terver Bendega @onetivgirl while she was at CU studying Mass Communication that she would later grow to become the Regional Marketing Manager for Bolt in Africa, she probably wouldn’t have believed it. But here she is, blazing trails in her field and leaving us in awe of her. ⠀

She graduated in 2012, from #CovenantUniversity with a burning passion for popular culture, media and business continuity. ⠀

Her vision is to help people and brands in Africa achieve sustainable growth. She is fulfilling her passion through her work, and her blog ( ⠀

Furthermore, in 2019, she drove a campaign to help people across the country get their PVCs and has worked with several NGOs in Nigeria to bring empowerment to women. ⠀

She has also been nominated for The Future Awards prize for Intrapreneurship! ⠀

We could go on and on, highlighting @onetivgirl‘s achievements, but we’d sleep here. In summary, Terver Bendega is making Eagles everywhere proud. For that we say: Keep soaring!⠀