Daniel Bamidele

With Consultancy and recruitment services for over 70 SMEs and 10,000 links to job opportunities, scholarships, certification courses and much more . ✨💚🤍 The Path is making giant strides in reducing unemployment rates and improving the careers of individuals. Together they are building a community of problem solvers. The Path, a People Management Startup was… Continue reading Daniel Bamidele

Adetoun Jegede

Imagine a ONE STOP PLACE FOR ALL MATERNITY NEEDS (both internal and external)?🤔🤔 This is the best description for FABULOUS BUMP & MORE, an online store that caters to all the needs of moms to be. Founded by an Eagle, Adetoun Jegede a graduate of Economics of the set of 2010.✨ Adetoun saw the need… Continue reading Adetoun Jegede

Olufemi Badejo

Meet Olufemi Badejo @theaffluenttraveller . He graduated from The Prestigious Covenant University (2006 eagle, Pioneer set), with a degree in psychology. He founded Cersei Partners, an organization that facilitates dual citizenship and passports acquisition for High Networth Individuals globally with offices in Lagos, London, South Africa and Vanuatu. This is the fastest growing citizenship by investment firm… Continue reading Olufemi Badejo

Teva Bendega

If someone had told Terver Bendega @onetivgirl while she was at CU studying Mass Communication that she would later grow to become the Regional Marketing Manager for Bolt in Africa, she probably wouldn’t have believed it. But here she is, blazing trails in her field and leaving us in awe of her. â € â € She graduated in… Continue reading Teva Bendega

Ekomobong Udo-Affah

Ekomobong @ekygabriel was involved in a ghastly motor accident that left him with a mobility impairment for over a year. You can imagine how tough it would have been for him, managing through the pain, the movement limitations and the scars. â € â € Experiencing what it felt like to live with a disability, especially with the struggles… Continue reading Ekomobong Udo-Affah

Oluchi Okafor

Oluchi @oluchimokafor is the definition of motivation. This Crystal Set Queen tells us how she has felt failure in the past, had intense fear from it and finally channeled it into becoming the Managing Director of Multimix Academy, Nigeria’s premier International trade, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Training Institute. WOW! But let us introduce you to Oluchi… Continue reading Oluchi Okafor